SC forms larger bench to determine the span of life imprisonment sentence

Life sentence means life imprisonment, not 25-year jail: CJP

The Supreme Court on Monday ordered the formation of a larger bench to determine the exact length for a life sentence. A three-judge bench, headed by Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, took notice of the issue while hearing a petition to reduce a convict’s life sentence into half. Haroonul Rashid was sentenced to life imprisonment […]

Child sexual abuse

Kishwar Enam

ALL over the world, child sexual abuse is an offence. If a child is raped, a report is made to the state. The latter ensures not only that the child receives physical and mental treatment, but also that the environment he/she is returning to is safe. The perpetrator, more often than not, receives appropriate punishment. […]

Qazi Muhammad Hayyan, Legal Assistant at Hyder Shar Law Associates

Qazi Muhammad Hayyan

Mr. Qazi Muhammad Hayyan has joined Hyder Shar Law Associates as Legal Assistant. Mr Qazir is a dedicated member of the team. He has completed his studies from University of London’s International Program, one of the most prestigious undergraduate law programs in the world. Currently he is providing legal advice on civil, criminal and family […]

Supreme Court to hear judge Arshad Malik video scandal case

Supreme Court to hear judge Arshad Malik video scandal case

Three-judge Supreme Court bench led by CJP to conduct hearing on July 16 ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken up the case over the video scandal allegedly involving accountability court judge Arshad Malik. The case has been fixed for hearing by a three-judge bench of the apex court led by Chief Justice of […]

Miss Marium Haroon New Intern

Introduce Miss Marrium Haroon

Let me introduce Miss Marrium Haroon, she has joined Hyder Shar Law Associates as legal intern. She is keen interested to become a prominent, successful Criminal Defense Lawyer. Currently, she is pursuing her studies in LLB (Hons) from University of Karachi, School of Law. We wish her best of luck for her success in the […]

Sindh High Court Puts FIA On Notice In A Case Of Suicide Due To Blackmailing

Sindh High Court

In the matter of suicide committed by a woman in Tando Muhammad Khan district due to alleged blackmailing by some men, the Sindh High Court has put Federal Investigation Agency and other respondents on notice for July 18 HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – APP – 4th Jul, 2019 ) :In the matter of […]

Uncontrollable AIDS/HIV in Pakistan – Its alarming growth – Misuse of Global AIDs funding

HIV Akhbar

While looking at the salient features of budget 2019–2020, I noted that there are hardly any substantive funds allocated to health and education sectors. The most detrimental disease, AIDs spreading in Pakistan by leaps and bounds but unfortunately, like the other fatal diseases it is also not being taken seriously in Pakistan hence no required […]

SJC to resume hearing of cases against Justice Esa, Justice K. K. Agha on July 2

Justice Qazi Faez Esa

SLAMABAD: The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) is set to resume proceedings on the presidential references against Justice Qazi Faez Isa of the Supreme Court and Justice K.K. Agha of the Sindh High Court on July 2. Sources privy to the development told Dawn that during the proceedings, Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan was likely to […]

Bail and liberty

Bail and liberty

“DEPRIVATION of liberty must be considered a punishment, unless it can be required to ensure that an accused person will stand his trial when called upon … Courts owe more than verbal respect to the principle that punishment begins after conviction, and that every man is deemed to be innocent until duly tried and duly […]