Alarming situation of corruption and bribe among Court (Non-Judicial) Staff

By: Hyder Bux Shar Baloch

Karachi, dated 30th July 2021

The judicial staff which comprising the court clerks, readers, bailiffs, Nazir, Shristedars are most important people among the judicial system which take up the cases, process the files. They coordinate between the Judge/Judicial Officers, lawyers and litigants.

It is my personal experience that whenever we file a new case the court staff including court clerks do not move the file until and unless they are not been provided the currency bill of xy rupees on account of “Chae Pani”.

if the court staff is not been provided the bribe on the head of “Chae Pani” the will create many issues, they usually slow the process and which effect the practice of a lawyer. Resultantly a lawyer willingly or unwillingly pays bribe to them.

The salaries of the court staff in comparison with rest of the  provincial government departments are much more higher,  despite that the habit of asking “Chae Pani” is not going to be reduced.

The concerned District and Sessions Judges, as well as the administrative judges of Sindh High Court, and chief justice should look in to it seriously; otherwise it will ruin the system, and it will create more issue, problem among judicial system and society. Being responsible person of the society it is the responsibility of all of us to highlight such issues so that the concerns could be addressed.

The Author is Karachi Based Lawyer