Correction in Educational Certificates

An academic certificate is a document that certifies that a person has received specific education in any institution. A certificate is a qualification attained in primary education, secondary education or higher education. If any mistake accured by any educational institution while entering your name, your father name, your mother name, your date of birth, its your fundamental right to make correction in your educational certificates.

To correct the mistake in educational certificates, you have to file a proper suit for correction and declaration under section 42 of Specific Relief Act, 1877 in the concerned Civil Court.

While filing suit to correct the name of your fathers name, yours mother name or your spouses name in educational certificates you must have following documents in your possession.

  1. The plaint contains complete description and details of plaintiff; i.e. name, fathers name, mothers name, spouses name, date of birth in Birth Certificate issued by Union Council as well as in educational certificates, place of birth, etc.
  2. Fathers CNIC
  3. Mothers CNIC
  4. Your CNIC
  5. Spouse CNIC
  6. Birth Certificate issued by Union Council
  7. Two independent witnesses

After the submission of case in civil court, the court issues notices to Educational institution to appear and submit the written statement. After that the evidence of plaintiff as well as the documents in favor of plaintiff are submitted before Court. The court pronounces Judgment thereupon and gives direction to Educational Institution to make correction in your fathers name, your mothers name or your spouse name or your date of birth.

Hyder Shar Law Associates can assist you to file suit for Correction and Declaration to make correction in your CNIC, B-Form and in any educational certificates as per your needs. We are further able to help you with the registration of document formalities.