Succession Matters

When a person dies, leaving behind movable and immovable property i.e. money in his bank account, bonds or shares in company or any property,the legal heirs of deceased require the Succession Decree to withdraw money from bank, pension, bonds etc. whereas the letter of administration is required to transfer the immovable property into their name.

To get the succession certificate or letter of administration, a proper case is filed in concerned District Court. It creates the right of legal heirs and determines their share in the property.

For the Succession Certificates or letter of administration the following documents are required to initiate the proceedings:

  1. The petition in which complete description and details of deceased property as well as all details of petitioner and legal heirs are included
  2. Death certificate of the deceased
  3. CNIC (Identity Card) of the deceased
  4. CNIC (Identity Card) of the heirs
  5. Notices and public advertisement
  6. Statement of all legal heirs or any one of them
  7. Two independent witnesses

When the court issues the succession decree, it orders to submit a security bond at the same time. That surety bond must substitute the amount order in succession. When the legal heirs receive the succession certificate or letter of administration, they can present it to the concerned institution and then withdraw assets or transfer them in their own name.

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